The Peace of Mind
The Peace of Mind
The Peace of Mind
The Peace of Mind
The Peace of Mind
The Peace of Mind

The Peace of Mind

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  • The Peace of Mind is the must-have package to protect your well-being 24/7/365 and also allow your loved ones to monitor your safety and communicate with you anytime. This is an essential medical alert solution with 2-way audio & 360-degree rotational camera for elderly, in-home patients, disable people or people with chronic health issues that need care from time to time. With a press on the SOS button, OnSky system will immediately call and send SMS messages to 3 different telephone numbers to get you assistance as soon as possible during an emergency, whether it is a medical issue, a fall, smoke, or any event that requires an immediate response. 
  • OnSky system is based on wireless IOT (internet of things) and mobile app technologies, that is one of the most advanced medical alert systems in the market. It is designed to be scalable so that you can add more devices and functions in the future such as lighting control, smoke detection, temperature monitoring, ...
  • The 2-way audio & 360-degree rotational camera offers your loved ones or caretakers a way to monitor your safety and communicate with you during the emergency without telephone or cellular phone that may be unreachable.
  • This smart health package offers truly peace of mind and confident to both user and his/her loved ones and caretakers.
  • All the devices in the package are paired before delivering to customer. Therefore, installation is very simple and fast.
  • 1-year Warranty.
  • Service Plan:
    • One-time Activation Fee: $99.
    • Medical Alert Service for first 4 months: $55 / month, Special Offer: First Month is FREE. 
    • Medical Alert Service after first 4 months: $15.95 / month
    • The OnSky Alert Center will call and send SMS messages up to 3 telephone numbers during emergency event.
  • You pay the One-time Activation Fee here by clicking the "Buy It Now" button. After we ship the products to you, you will be able to setup the Medical Alert Service and monthly payment on OnSky mobile app (OnSky Smart V2).  
  • Note: The Peace of Mind - Plan 1 and the Peace of Mind - Plan 2 have the same devices. However, they have different plans for One-time Activation Fee and Medical Alert Service Fee that you can select.


The Peace-of-Mind Package:

  • OnSky Gateway (quantity: 1): this is the brain of the system that connects the SOS buttons and other devices to OnSky cloud and mobile app. It allows the system to be smart and scalable that user can add more devices and functions in the future.
  • SOS buttons (quantity: 2): These buttons should be placed in 2 different locations in your house. With a press on the SOS button, an alert signal is sent to the Gateway wirelessly and then it will activate the OnSky Alert center to start the Medical Alert Calls and Text Messages (SMS).
  • Indoor HD Camera (quantity: 1): High performance HD surveillance camera with following features:
    • 1080p high resolution, superior vision
    • WIFI and Ethernet
    • 2-way audio: talk and listen while viewing on app
    • Pan-Tilt Control Remotely on app, Rotation: 355 degrees, Up/Down: 120 degrees
    • Amazing Night Vision: night time is clear as day time
Medical Alert Calls and Text Messages (SMS):
  • When the SOS button is pressed, the OnSky Alert center will immediately call 3 different telephone numbers simultaneously to inform the emergency event to family members, friends and/or caregivers.
  • The OnSky Alert center will continue the emergency calls until someone picks up the phone and uses OnSky's mobile app to disable the alert. 
  • The calls are made by OnSky’s AI-bot, hence, you can hear the reason of the calls, but you cannot talk to it.
  • The OnSky Alert also sends SMS messages to those 3 numbers with more details including name of user, address, date and time.
  • User can use the OnSky's mobile app to set 3 different telephone numbers (the emergency telephone number (911) can also be entered).
  • We recommend that the 3 telephone numbers should be from family members, relatives, friends or caretakers, who know your health conditions and can call to check on you and then contact 911 with better information and instruction. This method is more effective than calling 911 first since the 911 dispatcher does not know your condition and may not be able to reach you.


OnSky Smart App:

This is our simple mobile app that enables you and your family members or friends to setup and get status of the devices easily. You can download "Onsky Smart" app from Google Play store or Apple store to your mobile devices. Note that you can still use the SOS devices without using the mobile app.